Tips When Moving

Here are a few tips when moving home. 

  • Packing: Try using butchers paper instead of newspaper. This will minimise the cleaning when you unpack.
  • Label all your boxes.
  • Books: Be mindful that when packed are very heavy so use the smaller boxes and fill them about half way. Place some lighter object on the top.
  • Packing Tape: Make sure you have plenty.
  • Don’t pack the yellow pages. There’s bound to be another copy in your new home.
  • Furniture Removalist: They are the experts at what they do and can even pack for you!
  • Cleaner:  Hire a reputable cleaner and you won’t need to worry about the bond refund/purchasers.
  • Lawns: Arrange a lawn maintenance service to ensure the house looks great when you hand it over.
  • Bins: Make sure they are empty and clean. 
  • Rubbish: Remove any rubbish & personal items around the house and yard.



We recommend that you contact our preferred contractors to ensure your move runs smoothly.


  • Handy Items when moving:
    • Tool Box
    • Rope or Occy Straps
    • Tape Measure
    • Furniture Trolley
    • Packing Tape & Marking Pens
    • Esky with cold drinks


Here’s some other handy tips you may need when moving house:

  • Re-direct your mail using the Australia Post form
  • Cancel future rent payments

Companies to Contact:

  • Electricity Company
  • Telephone Carrier
  • Electrol Roll
  • Department of Transport – Car registration & Drivers License
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking Groups
  • Other Credit Card Facilities
  • Cable Television
  • Cancel services like newspapers 
  • Notify School & Day Care

Don't Forget!

  • Defrost your fridge the night before
  • Go through the Vacating Checklist if you have one
  • Hand in all your keys to the Agent/Owner on time
  • To finalise your Bond if you have one lodged.